Google Search Advertising

Google Search is one of the most widely used search engines in the market today. Consumers or potential clients can easily find the product or services that they need in the matters of seconds. With such acceleration in pace and constant improvement of the Google Search it is important to leverage on Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to acquire more qualified leads for your business.

We are able to funnel potential and qualified clients to you through Google Search by keeping your website available for access whenever a relevant search term related to your service or product is searched at any point of time.

Google Display Network

Google Display Network is a collection of websites that works with Google to display ads in the form of image and text that is relevant to your potential clients. By leveraging on the high traffic nature of selected sites, you are able to categorise your business with a bundle of hundred of thousands of sites that might trigger the interest on your potential clients.

Google ReMarketing

For people who have visited your website or used your mobile apps we leverage on Google ReMarketing to show them the ads of your company again while they are searching on google, use mobile apps or surfing the net.

The concept is simple, we provide you and your customers a repeated opportunity by redirecting the traffic back to your website again.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is one of the most widely used video sharing websites in the world. The traffic to YouTube is astounding which means that your business can potentially millions of unique viewers. The presence of your product or services can appear in many dynamic ways in the form of YouTube Display Ads or YouTube Video Ads.

We are able to display your business in the form of In-Video Ads and Display Ads. We are also able to put your video In-Stream of the video, In-Search of the Video or even In-Display on other websites with the relevant plug-ins.

Facebook Advertising / Marketing

Social Media Marketing is never more targeted. Feel free to choose the type of people you want to reach and we help to deliver your contents to them.

We help you by targeting your business with the right demographics, location, interests, behaviours and connections to make your sales process easier and quicker.

Instagram Advertising

Tell the story of your business through beautiful images on Instagram Sponsored Ads. Inspire people to see your brand differently and reach out to potential customers in an artistic way. Lead people to your business by using Photo Ads, Video Ads and Carousel Ads together with call to action buttons.

LinkedIn Advertising

Get into precise B2B targeting with the largest professional business network in the world. Pick your demographics by specific job titles, functions, industry, company size and even seniority.

Twitter Advertising

With a huge amount of active users, Twitter is quickly becoming a platform for potential customers to connect with your business. We can help you to grow more followers and drive traffic to your website to capture more leads.

Website Development / Web Design

Website Development is becoming the key component in most businesses in the world today. The easily accessible nature of a website can make or break the lifeline of any single opportunity that is coming your way. This is why we do not compromise on the quality on our websites.

At TrellisWerkz, we make your website according to how you like it and how we think your customers will like it. Your website should look and communicate with excellence regardless of the devices used to open it. From mobile devices, desk tops, tablets to different browser applications we know you and your customers deserve the best.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We help you improve the visibility of your website in search engines like Google Search and Yahoo! Search through the natural/organic search results.

Get your company on the top few of the search results for better ROI and cost effectiveness.

Mobile Application

Develop your Android & IOS Apps with us the way you want it. We focus on attention to detail, user experience and user interface to achieve the goal of your business to help you in the mobile app market.


Nothing communicates with potential clients more than a unique and aesthetically pleasing design. We combine our design knowledge and keen eye for aesthetics to make sure your websites, display banner and marketing collateral appear and communicate the best way possible with your clients.

Content creation

We are here to help make sure your struggle with content creation are over. Our team of copywriters will work like minions for your content creation so your customers know exactly what you want to tell them.

Email Marketing

We provide you with consultation on the latest email marketing trend and provide solutions for you to communicate easily with your current clients with one of the most user friendly email marketing software in the market.

Website Analytics

Find out which are the contents in your website that are reaping the most results for you after all your marketing efforts. Synergise your marketing campaign with Web Analytics to find out how your campaign fared so far.

On top of that we are here to help you analyse and improve your process through your website analytics to make sure all the efforts are well spent.